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The Myth of Mental Illness
50th Anniversary Edition With a New Preface and Two  Bonus Essays


The Myth of Mental Illness
Foundations of a Theory of Personal  Conduct
By _Thomas S. Szasz_

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"The landmark book that argued that psychiatry  consistently expands its definition of mental illness to  impose its authority over moral and culturalconflict."  - New York Times

"Controversial and influential . . . an iconoclastic  work." - Joyce Carol Oates, New York Times Book  Review

A 50th Anniversary Edition of Thomas Szasz´s famous,  influential critique of the field of psychiatry, with a  new preface on the age of Prozac, Ritalin, and the rise  of designer drugs.

Book Description

50th Anniversary Edition With a New Preface and Two  Bonus Essays The most influential critique of psychiatry ever  written, Thomas Szasz's classic book revolutionized  thinking about the nature of the psychiatric profession  and the moral implications of its practices. By  diagnosing unwanted behavior as mental illness,  psychiatrists, Szasz argues, absolve individuals of  responsibility for their actions and instead blame their  alleged illness. He also critiques Freudian psychology  as a pseudoscience and warns against the dangerous  overreach of psychiatry into all aspects of modern life.

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