Associazione Europea di Psicoanalisi



(M. Edouard Zafirian - "Voir le cerveau penser n'est qu'une métaphore poétique" - LE MONDE | 13.04.04 | 14h12 . MIS A JOUR LE 13.04.04 | 15h28)


Abstract by Antoine Fratini

Traduction by Denise Maja

Biologic Psychiatry has lived for more than sixty years under a foundamental confusion.
This confusion is simple. We  have abusively seen the psychical trouble and its diagnostic as a medical model.  Or the psychical troble, until proved oppposite, is situated in the field of qualitative, of subjective and expressed through words.  In the unlikely day when the psychical trouble becomes a brain damage, it will then become a neurologic disease. The understanding of brain mechanisms used to produce the symptoms would allow to say "how is it going" and not "why", in acertain moment, a certain person will Express their symptoms and include them in their personal history giving them a sense of its own.
The elimination of only one symptom (through medicine, for example) is not enough to alliviate for a long  time the psychical suffering. Only the intersubjective exchange through words permits obtaining this result.

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